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Elizabeth Carpenter

Use These Tips at GameStop to Say ‘Game Over’ to Your Money Woes

I grew up with computers. Once I was 6 years old, I had been introduced to”Prince of Persia” about the iMac, which sparked a lifelong movie game hobby. I never looked back. Through time, I have accrued tons of obsolete… Continue Reading →

Capital – Will TikTok stars ever make money? – BBC News

Capital – Can TikTok stars make money?   BBC News Individuals on the sharing program have huge followings, but create a portion of what they could on YouTube or Instagram. Are they loyal? “earning money” – Google News

Three money mistakes I’ve made that you can avoid – The Coloradoan

Three Cash mistakes I Have made that you can avoid  The Coloradoan Even errors which appear small could wind up being expensive, If it comes to money. That is why it’s very important to learn from mistakes made by other people… Continue Reading →

Why Renters Insurance Is So Important (Plus It’s Cheaper Than You Think)

When you lease instead of own your home, your landlord probably has insurance to the house. If catastrophe strikes, leaving you vulnerable, However, that insurance will not cover anything. That is why insurance is so important. It may protect you… Continue Reading →