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The notion of purchasing and selling stocks could be quite intimidating. That the stock exchange can appear mystifying — or when you’re not — if you are a newcomer.

Matador demystifies it. It is an investing program with a neighborhood. It permits you to find out by viewing what other investors do. And it is commission-free.

As soon as you enroll, you are able to connect to Facebook buddies that are on Matador. You could also follow professional investors or amateur. You’re able to see how their investments are doing, and also what stocks they are buying or selling.

The program makes it effortless to monitor the pros and cons of every stock’s cost, or to determine which shares are growing increasingly less popular with the whole Matador community.

Once you’re able to see what everybody else in the area is doing with their shares, it may help you determine where to place your cash. Your money will make 2.5% interest (25 times the national average for money market balances recorded by  Bankrate*) as you build your portfolio out.

It’s possible to make an account and begin after the neighborhood even when you’re not prepared to begin investing nevertheless. And as soon as you’re prepared, you will pay commissions.

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