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Connect with My Client

03:38 What it was like for him growing up.
05:13 His first side project.
08:44 What he did after college.
10:38 What led him to digital advertising.
15:20 Why he likes digital advertising.
16:00 How he had been creating leads at the beginning.
19:42 His primary lead creating channel at the moment.
22:53 strategies for rank well on google.
32:39 If influencer advertising is related to brands.

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As a digital strategist, one of the skills Shane has concentrated on building over the years is his composing ability — where he has turned into a frequent contributor to top publications like Forbes, Inc Magazine, and The Huffington Post. 

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Somewhere in the mix, he finds time to deliver speeches at advertising conferences around the world and teaches a weekly class about influencer marketing at UCLA down in Los Angeles.

About the Episode:

in the current episode, we’re talking to Shane Barker, the successful digital marketer who’s been at the leading edge of articles and influencer marketing for more than 15 years. 

Based out of Sacramento, California, Shane conducts a large marketing consultancy as a fully distant company that’s done projects with brands like CreativeLive, Adobe, Business.com, Mint, and many more. 
02:20 Where Shane is originally from.

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In Today’s Episode, We Talk About: