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But here is what writers do not often talk about: there are not any”industry standards” when it comes to charging as an independent writer. Anybody who tells you otherwise is basing their opinion on 1) What they’ve seen others charge or two.) Advertising rates (i.e., copywriting prices ). However, not every freelance writer is a copywriter per se — in 2019, the expression”copywriter” is almost a generalized term. That is the reason I state that there are any industry rates — since if you are a specialized writer, you are sort of a unicorn in the biz.
Additionally, ask for reviews from your happiest clients! A Yelp, Facebook, or Google review goes a extended manner, believe me. Once you start getting noticed on those platforms, chances are news outlets will reach out to feature you — which may lead to much more business.
You will also notice that lots of writers have varying opinions on what to charge for which expertise degree — the below rates based on experience level and what I consider to be beginner, intermediate, practitioner, expert is simply my own opinions after spending a few years in a variety of businesses as a writer, so don’t hesitate to read on and ultimately, draw your own conclusions!
What to Charge:
Per word: .20c-.40c/word

I know I felt a deep sense of relief when I got past the five-year mark for a writer — or , I’d have, if I had officially started my company at the point (I had not )! Once you’re mid-level, you are able to raise your rates, because you have probably gained enough expertise to do so.
After you hit on the professional point of freelancing — and in this situation, I am counting”specialist” as over 10 years of paid writing expertise — you can begin placing your rates much higher compared to before.
If you haven’t already started a company at this time, I’d advise you do so! You may even turn your LLC or sole proprietorship into a S-corp, which will save you a ton of money on taxes. Locate an wonderful accountant, and ask him or her about the above. They will be impressed that you did your study!

How to calculate your rates as a freelance writer.I have been a freelance writer for over 12 years. My very first actual, paid composing”gig” was as the Managing Editor of my school’s small literary magazine. I was a writer for our school newspaper — a deal to me. My stipend was just $100/month, but as I normally write in my discovery mails to prospective new clients:”not bad for a school kid.”

P.S. — Want Some Freelance Writing Niche Ideas?

You can even look on craigslist to get remote writing work — that the rates might be reduced, but they can help you build your resume. This can allow you to come tax time, and make you seem more official/legitimate.

Specialist Freelancer: 20+ Years of Expertise

Why: This is the primo place to be in, in my estimation. As a writer on a professional level, you have the flexibility of charging premium rates since again, your portfolio is probably fairly robust; but you additionally can raise and lower rates as needed. That”as needed” part is overriding, as remote writers undergo so many transient periods — you are either flush or residing paycheck-to-paycheck a great deal of the time for a freelancer, so being flexible on your rates is key.
Why: you’ll discover resources all around the Web citing you are able to charge as low as .01c/word or 9/hour for freelance writing services — if you are a beginner. I say that’s bunk!

Do not have a fancy restart together with all the New York Times as a”customer”? It does not matter — as long as you’ve got the work experience to backup your rates, name brands do not really affect what you charge. Bear in mind, this is all made up, therefore control what makes the most sense to get you.
What to Charge:

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What to Charge:

However, I digress! You clicked on this post because you are probably just beginning as an entry-level writer, or wondering how you can gracefully raise your rates. Never fear! Below is a step-by-step instructional on how best to charge what you are worth, or the way you can raise your rates without scaring away your existing clients, including links to credible websites you’ll be able to send your clients to if they question your own rates (hint: they are not the ideal clients if they question your rates!) .
Think about raising your prices in terms of simply changing together with the economic times. If other companies can do it, why can not yours?

If you are not sure what you would write about/specialize in to your freelance writing career, think about grabbing a copy of Gina Horkey’s FREE listing of 200+ composing niches to consider! That should get your wheels spinning.

Wearing a lot of hats over the previous 12 years means I have both elevated and lowered my rates. I like to think I am not precious about rates and I do not nickel-and-dime my clients, but I also understand the demand for writers and artists to control what they are worth — and I try to do exactly the same! I understand where my weaknesses lie, and I understand what I am good at.

Why: Man, I’m stoked for Future Mebecause she’s going to cost $120/hour (and not need to work in a highly technical field, like medication, because that’s not the writing genre for me!) ! But many writers do control these rates, and as well they should.

Intermediate Freelancer: 7-10 Years of Expertise

If you are just beginning as an independent writer, you’ll want to keep your rates rather low to build up your company — but not too low. Do not work at no cost! If you have barely anything on your portfolio, it doesn’t matter; because you are a fantastic writer charge for this, you got into this business!

Since those collegiate years, I have worked in for large scale businesses, like Hautelook (a division of Nordstrom), worked as a ghosteditor to get a customer through The Huffington Post, worked remotely as an independent writer, and began my own writing and consulting bureau, Girl.Copy.
Let me know your ideas in the comments post-read.
Feb term: .50c-$1/word

Per word: $1+/hour
Feb hour: $30-$45/hour

Again, consider your overhead and how much cash you would like to earn this year. Factor in not just time spent composing, but time spent researching and going back-and-forth with clients on edits. Exactly how many edits are you providing? One? Two? Three? Make sure it’s reasonable for both you and them.

Even in the event you have less than 20 years of experience, you can certainly charge rates above $120/hour or above $1/word, especially if you operate in a field like tech, medication, or pharmaceuticals. Individuals do pay the big bucks for topics which no one else wants to — or can — write about, so bear this in mind when placing your rates — and happy writing!
What to Charge:
After of my previous clients was a hiring firm, and we had a word for people with over 20 years of expertise: eagles. It was not a comment on receding hairlines as much as they were A-players within their field, hence the term. I, for one, can’t wait to be an eagle. Having this level of expertise, and considering all of the cool stuff I’m going to compose and great clients I’m going to continue to work for is thrilling! And — not going to lie — raising my rates is always appealing.
Feb hour: $50-$100/hour

However, even if you’re in a fantastic place, rates-wise, do not stop hustling. Building your small business and saving smartly is key to having a long-lasting career as a writer.

Like I mentioned previously, need what you are worth, even if your portfolio is needing.
Why: You have likely built up a nice portfolio at this time, so why don’t you charge for this? Businesses need writers to market services. If that which you write generates $100,000 in company for a business, then they should not be turning their noses up at rates like the ones above!