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The office as we know it’s changing… and today I will let you know that the sky is blue!

Seriously, however, as you are well aware, the gig market is flourishing. That means making a paycheck does not need to take place within the walls of the 9-to-5. In reality, some people eliminate it entirely and take up a few unwanted tasks, rather.

One of the favourite choices? You might get paid to provide meals with Postmates, among those couple app-based unwanted gigs which will pay you 100 percent of your earnings.

Meaning there aren’t any annoying service charges, booking fees or transaction fees to subtract from the pay — the cash you worked for goes straight into your pocket book. It all.

Getting started just requires a couple of minutes.

Property Your Favourite Side Gig In Just 3 Minutes

It took us around three minutes to register when we attempted it. But it might be less, frankly, should you just happen to accelerate it.

You do not have to worry about the annoyance of scanning in types of diagnosis, and you may forget about finding the ideal lighting to receive a photograph of your permit confirmed.

Only your driver’s license and Social Security card nearby — unless you already have those numbers memorized, in which case you are a God-tier human.

Then, you are all set to supply this fundamental advice and authorize a (free! ) ) Background check:

  1. Email address
  2. First and last name
  3. Total address and telephone number
  4. Vehicle kind and drivers license number
  5. Social Security number and date of arrival

Afterward you upload a selfie, and you are done. Fini. Terminado.

As soon as you finish the signup procedure, Postmates will send you a welcome kit (a totally free shipping bag along with also a prepaid card to make your purchases) to assist you setup for deliveries. Connect the card into the Postmates Fleet program, and you are off to making additional cash.

Postmates allows you to determine just how little or much you would like to push, and if. In a way, you are your own boss.

(That is where it differs from other programs.)

Guru Tip

Whether you are on two wheels or four, then you are advised to provide takeout, alcohol or supermarket. Just, you know, be sure to have sufficient space to hold the items that are requested.

Thus, Cliffs Notes: You can begin in 3 minutes or less; you have to keep 100 percent of your cash; and nobody even needs to invest in your vehicle. No small talk, for your win!

The Postmates Fleet program is totally free, and it is accessible on iOS and Android. Making an account is simple, so you’re going to be earning extra cash until you know it.

Farrah Daniel is an editorial assistant at The Penny Hoarder. She analyzed the signup procedure for this guide and is eager to get her welcome kit.

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